Over the past decade or so, many waterfront cottages have been built on waterfront property. These cottages are sometimes called “Pocahontas”, because of their resemblance to the mythical princess of Pocahontas. Many people who enjoy coastal living will appreciate this style of home. Waterfront cottages, with their long, luxurious balconies and expansive porches, are not only attractive and fun to live in, but also offer many benefits.

Waterfront homes offer breathtaking views of the ocean and the famous “discovery spot” that are the beach. The breeze that blows through the short, slender windows helps to open the air and relax one’s muscles. Many residents love the privacy and seclusion of their waterfront home. This lifestyle comes with the added advantage of being close to the ocean and the wonderful restaurants and shops along the beach. Being able to walk a few minutes from the waterfront cottages allows residents to enjoy the ocean view, and of course, it gives them a place to eat.

Most waterfront homes provide a great sense of privacy and seclusion. To some, this can be somewhat of a “sacred place”. They may feel some kind of connection to the natural world, and as a result, not many people visit the waterfront. However, to others, the area provides the perfect opportunity to spend time fishing, watching the sea life, or simply relaxing on a nice evening. Not surprisingly, waterfront cottages, with their long, flowing patios and rolling, full balconies, are considered to be one of the best places for outdoor living. While the lush beaches and peaceful ocean waters are the focus of attention, many people prefer the solitude and privacy of the waterfront home.

Wildlife in Ontario

Nature lovers in Ontario can experience an abundance of wildlife in the wild. Canadian provinces have an exceptional diversity of habitats and inhabitants with the wildlands surrounding them. From squirrels to moose to bears, Canadian forests offer lots of wildlife to explore.

There are a number of species that are found only in North America or a distinct habitat. These creatures, in this variegated world, are special in many ways and more often than not they are overlooked. Wildlife in Ontario can be found in Ontario lakes, on woodlands, streams, wetlands, forests, rangelands, mountains, and canyons.

One of the best species found in Ontario is the small mammals like squirrels and birds. A specific type of squirrel is the eastern gray squirrel. The species has taken hold in Ontario from the southern United States and Great Lakes region. There are other rodents that have adapted well to the climate of Ontario’s forests like the western gray squirrel, Canada lynx, gophers, prairie dogs, osprey, jackrabbits, robins, grey-tailed godwit, badgers, gray squirrels, and chipmunks.

The maple leaf is a very important wild plant in the city of Toronto. It is unique in its form as well as characteristics and the syrup from maple trees used for maple syrup that is exported and used around the world has been a prized resource.

For those of you who love to camp out, you will find a great diversity of game like deer, bear, wild boar, coyote, fox, wolves, bobcat, coyote, and bear. Raccoons, opossum, and squirrels also provide a diversity of squirrel hunting games. You can hunt for squirrels on frozen ponds, through snowstorms, or on open forest land. Many birds like blue jays, robins, and doves.

One of the other major species found in Ontario is the forest birds that come to nest in Ontario’s woodlands. Maple suet, hard woodpecker, loggerhead turtles, pheasant, chicken, and ducks are all protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Thousands of bird species come here in Ontario.

Wildlife in Ontario is abundant in nature and they are protected. Wildlife in Ontario comes in many shapes and sizes. Like Canada’s moose population; there are a lot of different species to visit in Ontario.